White Label has joined the Ukrainian IT army. Let's stop the war together!

As a Polish-Ukrainian company, we feel the responsibility and obligation to help everybody who needs help because of war. We have never worked neither with Russian or with Belorussian companies. And never will. We will not stop cooperating with our Ukrainian team and will support every team member no matter what their decision is (either co continue working or join the Ukrainian army). We do our best to continue delivering to our clients and supporting the Ukrainian people in a fight for their country, independence, and democracy.

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Who we are

We are the company which provides services in IT projects and IT outsourcing with a team of experienced specialists from Poland and Ukraine.


We focus on specialists and continuous improvement.

You will find experts in PHP, JavaScript, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, mobile app developers, testers, and experienced Project Managers in our team.


We deal with problematic projects when our customers run out of resources and time. We are aware that timely implementation of projects is a top priority.

Good price is important, thus we are constantly looking for solutions, which make our offers competitive and our customers completely satisfied.

Here is what you get with us


We focus on specialists and continuous improvement. You will find experts of PHP, Java, Python, C #, C ++, testers, and experienced Project Managers in our team.


Sometimes we take the problematic projects when our customers have run out of resources and time. We are aware that timely implementation of projects is a top priority.

Reasonable price

Price is not insignificant, we are constantly looking for such solutions to make our offer competitive and our customers satisfied.



We have mastered our services to become perfect.

If you are looking for a specific professional, have an unfinished project or Start-up, or just want to manage your project, this offer is for you.


IT projects

If you need to outsource the whole project, we will be happy to take that challenge.

We created 4 divisions especially for this purpose, within which we provide our services.


This is how it works

Usually we manage projects in English or Polish


Define resources

We familiarize ourselves with the project specifications, talk about expectations, investigate and then analyze. We define the form of contract, rate, and form of settlement. We provide an appropriate team. You have just entrusted your project to good hands. Right decision.

We designate a manager

The manager is leading the team. He manages everything – taking care of timelines and synchronization of activities, meeting the deadlines, and approving the next stages. The manager is constantly in contact with the client. Creative chaos is not our thing. Order and clearly defined functions are our main priorities.


We develop the project

We use native and open-source project management tools. The project is divided into tasks and sprints. Tasks are assigned to specific people. The entire schedule is spinning. We monitor the processes and note the progress of the work. Improvisation is used in exceptional situations only.

We summarize and settle

The completed projects have to be paid for. Provided we haven’t used the full budget we return the remaining amount to our customer. Success requires repetition.



Selected Projects

We have mastered our services to become perfect. We are loyal and meeting timelines is our top priority.
We focus on development. Below you can see a couple of our projects, we are proud of.

Wired for Well-Being

Technologies: Flutter, PHP, Laravel, Vue.JS

Date: 05.2021 - ongoing


Technologies: WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Date: 27/10/2020

Radio Nowy Swiat

Technologies: WordPress

Date: 01/07/2020


Technologies: Magento 2

Date: June, 2020

Mała Księgowość Rzeczpospolitej

Technologies: WordPress

Date: April, 2020

Wroclaw Museum

Technologies: WordPress, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Gulp, Sass

Date: January, 2020

Creative Boost

Technologies: WordPress, CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Date: October the 1st

Next OFF

Technologies: Swift, Kotlin, PHP, JavaScript

Date: August, 2019

The Mobility House

Technologies: Magento 2

Date: July, 2019


Technologies: Yii 2, PHP, CSS, HTML

Date: July, 2019

ABBVIE – platform for research-driven biopharmaceutical company

Technologies: CSS, HTML, React.JS, Yii 2, TypeScript

Date: May, 2019

ENGO – car rent platform

Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Yii 2, PHP

Date: January, 2019

iClassCMS app

Technologies: Kotlin, Swift

Date: December 2018


Technologies: Magento

Date: December 2018

Chateau Chizay

Technologies: WordPress, WooCommerce

Date: November 2018

CEG interactive app

Technologies: PHP, Swift, VueJS

Date: November 2018

Centrum Historii Zajezdnia

Technologies: Symfony, MySQL, Apache Solr, CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Date: 15/10/2018

Web-site and interactive game for Polish Gas Company

Technologies: HTML, CSS, WordPress, Yii framework

Date: September 2018


Technologies: Objective C, Java

Date: April 2018

Hotel Avangarda

Technologies: WordPress, JavaScript

Date: 05/03/2018

Platige Image

Technologies: WordPress, JavaScript

Date: February 2018

Bedtime Stories

Technologies: Android SDK, Node.JS

Date: January 2018


Technologies: Magento 1

Date: Sierpień 2017


Technologies: Magento 2

Date: February 2017


Technologies: Magento

Date: February 2017

PM-P GSM 2017

Technologies: Java, PHP, C#

Date: January 2017

Madame Tulle

Technologies: WordPress

Date: November 2016

The Pan Tadeusz Museum app

Technologies: Unity 3D

Date: August 2016


Technologies: Magento 1

Date: Lipiec 2016

ZozoVocabulary app

Technologies: Android SDK

Date: August 2016


Technologies: PHP, CodeIgnite

Date: March 2016

Euronyl Poland

Technologies: WordPress

Date: March 2016


Technologies: PHP, Yii framework

Date: March 2016


Technologies: Symfony, Android SDK

Date: January 2016


Technologies: Magento 1

Date: September 2015

Flota Filmowa

Technologies: WordPress

Date: July 2015


Top Secret

The number of completed projects increases rapidly. We have to keep in secret some of them due to the desire of our customers and we fully accept it. The most important thing is the triumph of quality.








Rocket Science



First of all, we focus on long-term relations. Most of our clients are agencies, and we realize that the cost of our work is important. For each customer, we try to allocate resources so that the desired result is achieved at the most reasonable price. If you want to see our price list, please leave your contact!

Pricing plans? We don’t have solid pricing plans. We approach this in individual
way. Please don’t hesitate and just leave your email and we’ll be in touch!

Become our client

In our portfolio, we have customers from different countries and we help them on a daily basis
using gained knowledge and experience. We will be honored to help you too.

As a client who has done several start-up developments, this one was extremely easy. I believe the reason for this is that Ruslan and his team have a brilliant mix of a business mindset and a very high technological knowledge.

Jakub Krupka, CEO at Seminbolig AS

I had the pleasure to work with Ruslan on several projects for my clients. I am impressed with his professionalism and commitment in the course of cooperation. All projects, we have done together, was successful - completed on time and maintaining

Rafał Kowalski, Project manager at NOMA SOLUTIONS

It has been wonderful working with you guys so far. We have hired several developers working on several projects, and the quality is outstanding. Best developers!

Bram van der Veer, CEO at REBEL INTERNET

White Label helped us to achieve great results in several digital development projects and we are looking forward to partner up again for future projects.

Mathias Herrmann, CEO of ALLEHERZEN

White Label is a trustworthy business partner. Outsourcing software development and full implementation provided by a qualified team, provide a sense of security of the term and ensure the comfort of working in long-distance projects as well.

Igor Podhorodecki, Project manager at ATOMCLICK

White Label has been designing our online store for one of the brands in our product portfolio from scratch. He is pleased to recommend this company as a professional and committed team.

Marta Dobowolska, Marketing Director at AGED Sp.z o.o.