How can a beginner choose the first programming language?

In the modern world, there are so many possibilities for potential future developers to grow! But it could be difficult to choose one of them to stick to, so how can a beginner choose the first programming language?


Learn English

Tech companies pay a lot of attention to their attention employees to the English level. The latest and most up-to-date sources of information are surely in English! Usually, the programming language community uses English as the main tool to communicate. In addition, translations are not all things, and sometimes they make mistakes.

Choose the industry

The first thing person needs to know before starting to learn a programming language is an industry of development. Games, business services, distribution of mobile accessories, work with big data – the modern world requires separation. Programming languages were created to solve different problems. That’s why it does not fare to compare them. 

Find out what’s popular

There are a lot of popular programming languages. All of them becoming popular time-to-time and it is really important to know is that language saves its dynamics to grow or not. This resource can help to keep up with the latest trends: link.


Worldwide Google Search, Jul 2020 compared to a year ago

Just know and check

Getting to know programming is easy to start with the languages ​​with simple syntax. Commands in such languages ​​are written using English words and the code is added simply by text.


Same code but with different languages

The local popularity of languages 

Programm languages were created to solve problems for specific industries. Different languages ​​are popular depending on different regions. Such ratings are easy to find online.

If there are no plans to move, the programmer-beginner should research the market around him to clarify with the language to start with.

Salary level

Many people know that the Tech industry is a very well paid one. During their lifetime, tech companies growing into huge corporations with hundreds or even thousands of employees. Which means new workplaces almost every week. The company requires different level experts, but even Intern or Junior level expert needs to know the basics of technology he or she are applying for.


Also, a link to an interesting point of view: link.