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On the 21st of September our IT girls, Anna and Kate,   attended  the IT HR/Recruiting Conference in Odessa, Ukraine. Below you can find a short collection of  their notes during a 2 days conference.

Dana: Frankly speaking, it was not so easy to get to Odessa. Since we live in the most Western part of Ukraine, the city of Uzhhorod,we had to spent 19 hours on the road. Nevertheless, the conference was worth it.The unique feature of this conference was that it was the First No-Theory HR/Recruiting Conference in Ukraine. We had only master classes, trainings and workshops!

AnnaAn atmosphere was very special : being around people, who do the same thing as you, have a lot of experience and are happy to share that experience with you is just amazing. The best part was that it wasn’t just a conference where you listen the whole day and can only ask questions at the end of topic or coffee break. We were working with speakers and try to use discussed approaches in real-life situations, which is super helpful.

HR conference

Dana:There were 2 branches of speeches. Every branch included 5 speakers, who delivered one of the speech themes like “Sourcing without LinkedIn”, “50 x Must in Modern HR & Talent Acquisition”, etc. The speakers were from Ukraine, Great Britain and from the Netherlands.


AnnaIn between formal lectures and trainings we had an opportunity to meet the speakers at the coffee-breaks, enjoy delicious meals, and network with some of the 120 Recruiters and HR managers attending the conference from companies and organizations from all parts of Ukraine.


Link to event: 

Photo: Bogdana Stets, Anna Slavska