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How to improve your business with responsive mobile app and website

How to improve your business with responsive mobile app and website

Business game is getting more and more challenging nowadays – especially for those who offer services promoting other businesses. This was exactly the case with our client who offers content marketing and is a software solutions provider which delivers content strategies. The pandemic has changed everything and online is more important for business than ever; however you can make it work for your competitive advantage and we will show you how we made it possible for our client.

First step: The right people

Right people are essential for every business; it’s growth and further development. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire them in-house. As Whte Label we provide outsourcing services focused on specific needs. The international team of experts is on your demand and willing to deliver made to measure services. We provide our clients with team of developers, the dedicated team lead responsible for every part of the project and experienced designers are ready for any pioneer project out there – that is why we call them #ITNinjas.

Offering outsourcing services, we strongly believe that in most cases this is the most effective strategy for most of the businesses, who don’t specialize in IT solutions and don’t need the long-term support. What is more, we believe that years of experience in various projects give us the advantage when it comes to identifying the underlying issues and determining the realistic needs of our clients and partners.

For this specific client we needed even more than that. The main goal was to redesign and therefore – refresh the existing Apps and website. Our client, being an interactive agency, has to always be on the top of their game in order to outdo the new competitors on an ever- growing market.

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External heroes 

When approaching a new client, we always prioritize their internal goals. We do our best to understand the long-term business KPIs and suggest solutions most suitable for the specific issues. That is why one of the first steps in our cooperation is always to build a dedicated and experienced remote team – plus a designer who can improve the visual layer of the solution, make it more attractive and user-friendly.

The new features that we incorporated brought a certain diversity in the basic functionality so that the solution has more options for users:

  • allow the user to add new users 
  • allow a verification process  
  • allow a quick publish function users account
  • allow the push-notifications  

The main challenge we faced was to make the old API to be able to function correctly with the new functionalities. The developers were obliged to change the development approach or to change the API itself – despite this, we managed to successfully deliver the desired end results. 

Project results and benefits

The client has received the solution with the implemented new functionality according to his demands. The final product is the fully intuitive and automated school app that helps users to keep up to date with school news and events. The app project also includes an intuitive calendar layout and news section has become a platform and the ultimate school-parent communication tool.

This changes revolutionized services offered by our client and ensured their stable position on the market. Moreover it made it even easier for their users to communicate with each other during these challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic. We re-developed both iOS and Android applications with the help of Kotlin and Swift technologies facebook sdk, crashlytics, retrofit, rxkotlin, Facebook sdk, Crashlytics and added push notofications for end-users.

White Label is an IT outsourcing company providing various made to measure IT solutions to our international clients. Extensive experience and IT knowledge allows us to manage projects in wide IT areas. We support organizations in the very complicated projects as well in the projects border the Internet and New Technologies. In business we operate on the basis of discretion, trust, quality of service, response time and speed of project implementation.

Our competitive advantage is our international team of #ITNinjas – We employ qualified management team and experienced developers: PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA,C#, C, C++, Ruby, Python.We provide a high level of competence in frame-works such as: Zend, Codelgni-ter, Symphony, Yii. Also develop open source CMS:Drupal, WordPress, JoomlaandE-Commerce: Magento, OpenCart.

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