Outstaffing your IT services – a remedy to your business problems

Leading a business is the art of juggling multiple topics at once and we know from our client’s experience that technology is the most difficult of them to handle. That is why the hiring of a dream team to realize your ideas successfully is an option you should consider. Out-staff services are a solution thanks to which you can build your teams effortlessly, while still having full control over the projects they are responsible for.

What is IT Outstaff and how can it help you?

Outstaffing is a staffing solution in which the third party provides the necessary resources and talents: IT professionals, Software Developers, Java Developers, WordPress experts, Testers, or any other Human Resource. We step out way beyond this because White Label provides not only the right people but also the right and accurate methodology. Our IT Ninja outdoes the expectations of our clients when working on their projects.

Our business partners have full control over the IT Ninjas team. The experts we provide are smoothly incorporated into the internal resources and organization of our clients – they have usual meetings, updates with the development team resources which is necessary to understand the issues of our client and accomplish the project successfully. This can be done either by Outstaffing the whole team (which is designed by a White Label based on our years of experience in different projects and the project assumptions of our client) or a single IT Ninjas who will cover a client’s team’s skill gap They will match specific project needs and eliminate the chaos & liabilities of contracting in-house employees.

Our role in the process is to deliver high-standard and high-level support, qualified and verified experts, and make sure you are satisfied with their input. You don’t have to be bothered with the difficult sourcing and verification part. We ensure both the quality and the effectiveness of provided talents because we work with them ourselves.

When it comes to product development (as an example), dedicated teams are a good backup at When a product dwells on from POC to MVP & Prototype and needs extra support & a development team to optimize expenses, team extension is the best possible way to enhance your product growth.

5 Benefits of Outstaffing for your projects

  1. We know the talents that you need
    Having years of experience, IT sources, and expertise in different types of projects, we provide our Outstaff service on the basis of a wide pool of in-house IT talents of any required level: from regular software engineers to solution architects and tech leads. Teams provided are qualified and proven over time of cooperation. Checking the qualification of each candidate is over now – we will do the difficult and time-consuming for you and as White Label we are a guarantee of the quality of delivered work. We grant you access to the best specialists almost in real-time.
  2. You save your time and money
    We know that time is money and spending it on research for suitable candidates for the project is easier said than done. Once you onboard them, you can expect fluctuations and rotation of your employees. We form a  dedicated remote team for you, which saves your time and reduces costs almost in half in some cases. Our offer is applicable to every size and kind of business out there – we approach you with made-to-measure solutions and experts. Get even more remote with the team of IT Ninjas that go to your company, do the necessary job t the top level and save you costs of commuting, office rent, and HR effort. We take this on us while you can focus on your growth.
  3. You are in control
    You are the boss – we get it. We believe in your idea and that is why we
    give you full control over IT Ninjas, the development process, and the results of the projects. You can manage your hired teams directly in a more efficient way as well. IT Ninjas are smoothly introduced to your company’s values and work ethic, as well as necessary tools and protocols. 
  4. Flexible cooperation 
    Let’s be flexible and adjust to the rapid changes! Easily scale up and scale down whenever you need it, track the progress and quality. The days of pushing hard to find a project for a hired person is over – It Ninjas will adjust. You may increase or decrease the number of experts according to changes in your project and its state of development.
  5. Fast, faster the fastest – to the market!
    Outstaffing is a good way to deliver your products to the market faster. You are not distracted by the search for qualified professionals to perfectly fit your projects, you may rely on your partner’s expertise & leadership on the niche, and reliable contractual work. Thus, you have more time to focus on your core business processes & accessibility to needful technologies that bring your products to the market faster.

3 Main Steps of Cooperation With White Label

It takes just 3 simple steps to start your adventure with the reliable team of experienced IT Ninjas that will make any of your project ideas come true:

  • Tell us what you want to achieve
    We need to understand your goals to provide you with the most suitable candidates that will elevate your project to the top. Let’s meet and discuss in detail your expectations!
  • Give us a minute (or two)
    After receiving the requirements needed for the search of a perfect candidate: details like skills wanted, team size & structure, technologies, and additional expectations (if any), We will get back to you with the choice of suitable IT Ninjas for your projects. The final choice though is always up to you.
  • Get to work
    Fast and transparent incorporation of our IT Ninjas to your Team is a must. We will make sure that our people blend in with your organization seamlessly. You will not see the difference between the way of working and the availability of your in-house team and our provided experts.