Radio Nowy Świat – success since the first launch!

We want to introduce the new project Radio Nowy Świat – success since first launch! The 10th of July will always be remembered as a day when the new Radio was born! The beginning of the long and big journey! The main goal is to create the first commercial radio with a mission to take young, talented reporters and promote Polish bands, who for many reasons, fail to make their way through the flashy mainstream.



Radio Nowy Świat’s launch in numbers

After a great start, the 10th of July Radio Nowy Świat (RNŚ) gathered about 100,000 people listened to the station via the Open FM and WP Pilot websites. In total, the station gathered 450,000 from various sources listeners. According to Revma – online streaming solution and listener’s reports, RNŚ achieved a higher result than BBC Online!


Radio Nowy Świat’s Logo


Some specific numbers from the first stream:


– 266,000 unique users (UU) listened to RNŚ via our website.

– 100,000 UU listened to us at Open FM.

– 70,000 UU used the Replaio Radio application for this purpose.

– 15.000 UU used the Patronite Audio application.


Radio Nowy Świat visitor’s diagram


– The RNŚ app in the AppStore was in 24 hours in the First Place in the “Entertainment” category.

– RNŚ also hit the Open FM platform record.


Radio Nowy Świat app in the AppStore was in 24 hours in the first (!) Place in the “Entertainment” category


White Label – the architect’s of the RNŚ’s Website

White Label became a Patron Radio Nowy Świat and released a radio’s main website. Our main goal – was to create a Web page with all the best online-radio practices that are available and trending at the moment.

Nowadays phones, tablets, and other gadgets have already conquered the world. People don’t have any free time to switch between radio stations, so we needed to find a modern solution. Internet access – is the only requirement for the audience to stay in touch with their favorite radio station. And our Website does that! It takes only one click to start a stream from the browser.


White Label Team


Technical problems

Since the very first minute from the start of new Radio, the number of listeners kept growing extremely fast. The radio itself, as well as the main Hosting company, had their own prediction about possible numbers of listeners, but suddenly, all expectations were eaten by hype and supply of the new service. That crazy amount of listeners caused the main problem with servers.


The website is going but the main problem with servers.


Hosting Company took this occasion with all the responsibility and solved the problem as soon as it was possible. And now we can enjoy the Radio Nowy Świat – all day and all night long!


The Hosting Company fixed the problem.


Some local News wrote about the first stream of RNŚ and most of that news was about how great this new radio is! People absolutely love the Radio from the very first day. And that’s an amazing signal for future cooperation and growth.


In some news, RNŚ wrote that the opening was so huge that’s why we bought new servers for the future.



We hope that the job we have done – will be appreciated! And the best appreciation will be happy and satisfied listeners. Radio Nowy Świat – success since the first launch!


A ponad wszystko trzymać pion i poziom.